I am here to help you express the love you have for your child daily instead of caving into a whirlpool of stress and wanting to be anywhere but here!

Do you often wish to be anywhere but home with your children? Are you seeking a deeper relationship with your family but you can’t seem to get there?

I can show you how to turn the energy in your family around as quickly as a few days. I will guide you through the Seven Solutions to becoming an empowered parent. The Seven Solutions are seven concrete steps to take to re-organizing your family and empowering yourself as the parent you wanted to be.

After 30 years of being a therapist, I have met all kinds of families and almost all types of parents. Of course, we are all unique, especially when it comes to raising our children. A lot comes into play and all the play isn’t fun. But what you need to understand is that your children are built for the future and the Seven Solutions teach parents how to use their gifts for a better NOW. Try to imagine the world in 15-20 years; it is unimaginable! They, the children, are built to survive in the unknowable future – which makes them a bit difficult now.

As I was thinking long and hard about this website content, I realized how important it will be that the right kind of parent take advantage of the Seven Solutions; you have to be willing to take a rather challenging but ultimately transformative journey. There are ways to reconnect with and honor the sacred contract you made with your child consciously or not, make parenting more fun and rewarding and reestablish yourself as a parent to be respected. When parents are overwhelmed that’s when a negative spiral spins downward taking your family and your relationships with it – the Seven Solutions will put you back into a positive growth cycle.

Are you challenged by….

Addictions, attitude, lack of gratitude, defiance, disrespect, melt-downs, e-bullies, my space, my face, my life on line, texting, screen time, guns, school refusal, bullies, homework refusals, disorganization, chaotic meal times, rising prices, income inequality to name a few stressors parents face today. Is your eight year old melting down over tying their shoes? Brushing their teeth? Are you buying lego sets to get your kids to stay in bed, comb their hair, get dressed!? Or perform other natural, necessary daily habits? I will show you how to overcome issues of power and control.

Are you exhausted with not having time for yourself or other relationships?

Feeling in control of your relationship with your child is central to creating a happy family life. You cannot control your children so, this is about becoming mindful, truly authentic, so you can think before you speak so you can teach by demonstration how to enjoy human relationships and turn bitter venom into sweet nectar.

It seems that parents used to get away with 50-75% parenting time; and we turned out ok, didn’t we? For many reason, this younger generation requires 150-200% parenting energy. Parenting in the 21st century challenges parents beyond belief, actually.

If you are a parent reading this website you are looking for help with parenting. After twenty-one years and thousands of hours playing with children, listening to and instructing parents, struggling to find the best way to guide the children, I became a Certified Parent Educator to help you out. I’ve met the parents who-do-too-much, so-called helicopter parents, parents of the over-indulged, the parents who fight through a sad divorce, kidnapping parents, gender blender parents, the perfect parents, the yellers, the overwhelmed, the brave, and the free.

This generation is pushing adults to grow both emotionally and spiritually in order to create a positive relationship with them

The Seven Solutions?

I offer seven solution-focused strategies to re-connect with your child in balance. Not only will you teach your children most important life-lessons, you will walk in your own life with more dignity.

I offer fun ideas to take the heaviness out of it all.

Parents who choose to work with me will be agreeing to embark on a natural path to higher consciousness provided by your children! This is not an ordinary parenting education model; yes, I will teach you to create systems so daily routines are just that, routines and not drama scenes, I will teach you how to negotiate with this young, inventive and demanding generation so you both get more of what you want; but the awareness that it takes to bring this generation into adult-hood in the current state of affairs is unique to any other time in history. So, we throw out the proverbial bathwater but keep the baby blending the old parenting with the new.

We already agree that you have brilliant, creative, amazing children and their potential for merging with the darkness or the light is about equal. I’ll help you face that it’s more than challenging to raise children now but that you are part of an important shift in the future of our planet that well, after all, will be passed on to the children. We don’t want them on the dark side.

I offer compassionate and practical support for parents of all types of expressions of humanity; LGBT, typical, super-sensitive, grand-parents raising grandchildren, same sex parents, four or more parents, no parents at all. . The family constellation is not the critical issue; what matters is what you teach.

If you are struggling deeply with parenting, investing in your family now will likely save time, money, heartache and loss in the future. Invest in your relationship now or pay later with medications, weekly or more therapy appointments, group homes, drug use, violence as a solution; attorney fees. Read on to find out how to experience the shift back to a place where your hopes and dreams for your child and family become a reality again.


1/2 hour $60
1 hour $90

No contracts
No long-term commitment required

To get started, please send your contact information via the form below or call me at 360-393-8755

About Victoria McGuinness

I am a compassionate person in service to others both by design and choice.
I actually care about your family and want to show you how to enjoy each other.
I spent thirty years as a dedicated therapist most of that time as a child
therapist and help support freaked-out parents on a daily basis.

I am here to uplift you and bring hope, light and guidance to you; I will teach you child-speak bringing a deeper understanding of your child, your needs and the needs of your children. I will teach you about this new generation and what is called for on many levels from both parents and children to raise emotionally healthy adults. I am a person people call asking how to talk to their children about death, two-parent homes, divergent parenting styles, illness in the family and many other difficult subjects.

I believe that the children who are here today for us to parent are here to raise our awareness and levels of connection and push parents with their behaviors to grow and change. I see the kids as the ultimate challenge to grow both developmentally and spiritually regardless of any religious or political beliefs you may live by.

I currently hold license as a mental health counselor in the state of Washington. I have provided experiential play therapy and other creative therapies to over 3,000 people from all walks of life in Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon and for the past six years in Washington State.

I received my Masters Degree from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, CO in 1985. I have been published in the field of mental health and am currently working on a book entitled We, The Children designed to enhance communication with children, especially in the arena of our judicial system and parenting plan battles. (To be published with Balboa Press early 2015).

I spent eleven years working with addicts and alcoholics, women recovering from all forms of abuse. During that time a co-worker and I created new programs for kids – the babies and children of the addicted women and added therapeutic playrooms to the county programs. I’ve taught in community college, at national conferences and workshops over the years. I am educated and experienced in working with families who have suffered terrible loses and can help you parent your children through losses of death, divorce and other issues complicated by grief.

I served on the Colorado Association for Play Therapy board of Directors for about five years. Although I am not offering therapy, my extensive background in working with many populations with PTSD, anxiety, substance abuse, death and dying, trauma, adoption, divorce, social and school phobias/refusals, low-self-esteem, bullies, gender-creative, military, depression and so on allows a deeper dimension to unfold when it comes to parenting.

I am the kind of person who thinks we may never meet in person and yet we will walk a journey of empowering you as a parent – one of the most valuable gifts you have received - to provide a safe and happy home for your child regardless of the world-at-large and all it’s fearful provoking. I also have two children who turned out to be wonderful, creative and kind adults – there is much hope!

If the kids are doorways into a new and better world I am here to provide you with courage to face the task at hand, the key to walk into the future with them. I am here to show you that the very behaviors you want to see stop are the most likely be areas in which you want to grow. I mean, why can’t they just behave! If it was only that simple – but they behave can when you do.

Contact me below for more information.

Wishing you peace and harmony in your home,

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